Silentmaxx Titan – passively up to 145W

The Silentmaxx Titan is a cooler that you won't just buy off the shelf, as the manufacturer offers it only in their PC builds. According to the manufacturer, the Titan can passively handle up to 145W of waste heat (even though the website states impressive numbers like 250W in passive mode and even 400W in active mode).

Titan is a cooler that is physically massive (twice the size of the Deepcool Assassin IV).
Titan is a cooler that weighs more than 2 kilograms.
Titan is a cooler that needs to be screwed to the case to avoid damaging the motherboard or processor (and if you overtighten it, you can say goodbye to your motherboard...).

You probably understand that the Titan is a unique cooler. I'm curious myself about the manufacturer's claims that it can go passively up to 140W.

Introduction and Specifications

You now have an idea about the Silentmaxx Titan, and since this cooler cannot be purchased officially, there are no official specifications available. As I hinted earlier, the manufacturer is not 100% known to me, and the reason is quite simple: although the top cover features the name Silentmaxx, the mounting socket is identical to that of Deepcool coolers, and the fans sent by the manufacturer with the cooler are Arctic P12 Silent (even though it is a passive cooler, the manufacturer offers active cooling to increase cooling efficiency). Ultimately, I believe that Silentmaxx collaborated with Deepcool on the production, choosing Arctic P12 Silent fans mainly because they are inaudible even at 1020 RPM.




Specifications that can be physically determined from the product:

Dimensions: 245x170x130mm

Weight: 2050g

Number of Heat Pipes: 7x7mm

Number of Fins: 30

Compatibility: Same as Deepcool Assassin IV – Intel LGA 115X/1200/1700/2011/2011-v3/2066 and AMD AM4, AM5


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vsimol som si, ze okazuje na tento clanok :)

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